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Between the allure and the marvellous of Dubai, it’s ideal to welcome the little shocks that nature tosses our direction. Sunset Dubai is known to be a mix of mysterious tints of warm orange, regal purple, and sentimental pinks entirely bound together to check the finish of another rankling day and welcome the night’s cool grasp. Sunset searchers can get a kick out of Dubai as there is plenty of extraordinary scenes and areas to appreciate that ideal Arabian nightfall. 

A definitive Dubai experience should remember an outing to the tallest structure in the world – the Burj Khalifa. And Sunrise Dubai from that building is more thrilling. Remaining at 829 meters tall, the open-air perception deck is an absolute necessity visit for an epic sunset over the entire city. The deck is called ‘At the Top’ and is on the 124th floor of the structure. Since you will observe the sunset from such an incredible stature, the perception deck makes for the ideal highlight take photographs and catch the longest sunset in the nation. Ensure you book tickets ahead of time, particularly during the pinnacle period of October to April, and put aside at any rate an hour to get the full insight. Tip: book your opening not long before sunset as opposed to during so you experience the full show beginning to end, and get the opportunity to see the sunrise In Dubai from here.

Sunset In Dubai

Old Dubai has its very own appeal. And Dubai Sunrise is unmiserable. Deira used to be Dubai’s money related and business centre once upon a time, and leftovers of this exist. Probably the best activity in Dubai is to take a dhow or abra, a conventional fishing vessel, over the water from Deira to Bur Dubai during sunset. Currently, the Sunset Time in Dubai is somewhere around 5.42 PM. Sunset In Dubai with the warm orange of the sunset reflects off the water, yet additionally sparkles over all the silver structures that face the spring giving an ethereal shine to the entire locale. If you would prefer not to wander over the water, just sit by the fishing pontoons and markets and post at the water as the sunsets. We love confronting the bent reflection of the Emirates NBD building and the three-sided Chamber of Commerce tower close to it as the sparkle of the setting sun skips and reflects off of them. 

Sunset In Abu Dhabi

Living consistent with its name, Sunset Beach simply behind Sunset Mall in Jumeirah is one of the most extensive and tranquil seashores in the city. It is also a hugely renowned place for Sunset In Abu Dhabi. Sufficiently close to the clamouring Kite seashore, yet found sufficiently far to appreciate the harmony and calm of your environmental factors, Sunset Beach is the ideal setting to take in the setting sun in a loose and quiet climate. Catch a sentimental sight of the rich Burj Al Arab at the edge of the seashore as it focuses during sunset and lights up when nightfall slides. In strolling separation you will locate the lavish Umm Suqeim Park just as a lot of eateries and bistros offering an assortment of shrimp and steak cooking styles. If you intend to visit on a Friday, ensure you show up sooner than expected to snatch the best right on target the seashore. During Sunset Time In Dubai, you can surely have a great evening at this place while watching the beautiful nature showing its colours. 

The man-made archipelago is the world’s biggest counterfeit island and is a famous palm formed ‘trunk’ that extends 2 km with fronds connecting into the ocean. The Palm Jumeirah is a prime traveller, business, and private spot in Dubai with bounty to see and do. The Palm is overflowing with lodgings, stops, and seashores, so you are spoilt for decision with regards to picking the ideal spot to see the sunset. We love driving up the storage compartment of the palm early night similarly as the sun is going to set as the renowned Atlantis can be found in the shine of the sun. At the point when you arrive at the island’s curve, you can leave your vehicle as an afterthought and unwind on the advanced beachfront that faces the sea and the setting sun. Sunrise Abu Dhabi in the morning is the next thing that you can’t miss. 

Dubai Sunset Time

 We love our life of solace in the city, however now and again it’s extraordinary to simply escape the brilliant lights and make the most of nature’s decency. A desert safari is an ideal occasion to take in a genuinely true Arabian experience and experience precisely what the desert can offer. And during the Dubai Sunset Time, you should stay at this place to watch some incredible moments of nature. When you hit the sand rises there’s no thinking back. The air is cooler out in the desert and once the sun starts to set the ridges sparkle mystically in warm orange and red tints. Most camps will have customary Emirati ensembles you can take a stab at for photos, take camel rides, get henna painted on all fours and even go sand boarding. Cool thought for you picture takers out there – take a stab at scaling the tallest sand rise you can discover similarly as the sun is setting and get somebody to act with their hands out like if clutching the gleaming red sun. We ensure the outlined photo you catch will be an essential one!

Best places to catch a stunning sunset in Dubai

dubai sunset
When you are captivated by the man-made wonders in Dubai, give some time to witness how the natural flavors magnify the city skyline. Sunset in Dubai is a magical sight known for the exquisite blend of orange, purple, and pink hues. There are numerous spots in the city where you can catch a mesmerising view of the sunset.

The happy news is that you have many options where you can see the sunset without paying a penny and also those which offer incredible sunset points that are so dear. Here are the top picks from which you can select according to your tastes and budget.

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

How about watching the sunset from the sky? If it is hard to believe, head to Burj Khalifa and see it for yourself. The observation decks in 124, 125, and 148th floors are splendid spots to see the sundown. The world’s tallest building stands at a staggering height of 830 meters.

When you are at the observation deck, you can enjoy 360-degree panoramas of Dubai. It is a golden opportunity to admire the architectural feats of the city from a bird’s eye view.

As the sun descends in the backdrop of the skyscrapers, capture a magnificent image. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can relish a coffee or a canape while enjoying the sunset. Note that this time of a day comes under the prime hours in Burj Khalifa and the ticket prices will be high.

Burj khalifa sunset

You can have a great view of the evening even from outside Burj Khalifa as Downtown Dubai itself is a wonderful spot. Watch the captivating Dubai Fountain as the sky turns orange. So no worries if you don’t like to splurge.

Sunset Beach

No description is needed for this beach as the name itself signifies what it stands for. It is also known as Umm Suqeim Beach and is the ideal place for lazing under the sun. You will see the iconic Burj Al Arab restaurant at a distance. Stroll along the shore and see the sunset with your loved one. It is a quieter place which means that you can spend quality time without any annoyances.

The Kite Beach is nearby, so you can have glimpses of colorful kites up in the sky. It is also renowned for fishing and surfing. It is a good idea to indulge in water sports during the best time of the day.

Out in the deserts

The views in the natural landscape are vivid and entirely different from the man-made miracles in the city. This is the pristine setting that nature has created and nurtured for humankind to admire. So, you should never miss the natural wonders while enjoying the glitz and glamour of the city.

camel ride

Sunset in a desert is undeniably beautiful as you will get the unobstructed view in the boundless stretch of sand. As the sun goes down the horizon, it will give a golden tint to the tall dunes thereby making it a sight to behold. Walk hand-in-hand with your beloved or enjoy the views while riding on a camel.

Sunset cruise

This is all about a stylish floating venue to enjoy the sunset to the fullest. A sunset cruise is a great choice to witness the sunset and also have an extraordinary day in the Arabian Gulf. You can sit back, have a coffee, and adore the skyline in the backdrop of the sunset. Play soothing music to make the perfect ambiance for a relaxing cruise.

sunset cruise

While all the other spots enable you to see the sunset at a specific place, yachts will take you along the landmarks of the city at twilight. Admire the beauty from the comfort of a luxury yacht. The cool breeze, fresh air, and the fun of cruising add to the delight.

Deira Creek

Creek is distinct from the glossy parts of the city with its simplicity. It is known as old Dubai for being the hub of trade in the past and having the oldest buildings in Dubai. This natural waterway divides old Dubai to twoDeira and Bur Dubai. Take an Abra or sail on a Dhow to see the sunset while gliding on the waves.

You can also stroll through Al Seef in Deira or Creek Side in Bur Dubai. In Creek, you will see the National Bank of Dubai and Dubai Chamber of Commerce, which are the oldest skyscrapers in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, the huge Island in the shape of date palm has anything and everything from luxurious resorts, villas, hotels and theme parks. It has some of the calm and secluded beaches where you can enjoy spellbinding views.

Atlantis hotel

The world’s largest man-made archipelago offers varied spots to view the sunset. As the top choice, you can go near Atlantis to have a remarkable view of the sunset. Atlantis, The Palm is one of the most popular and opulent restaurants in the world.

Marina Walk

Marina is another word for luxury and one of the most upscale destinations in the city. Your visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting here. Marina Walk is a beautiful promenade in the artificial canal city. The boulevard is lined with date palms, several alfresco cafes and restaurants. A fleet of luxury yachts can be seen on the shore of Marina.

marina walk

This bustling pedestrian walkway is a popular spot to see sunset in Dubai. At twilight, the golden tints will reflect on the crystal clear waterway and the city will come to life. Capture a picture of the world-renowned skyscrapers at the most remarkable time of the day. Evening is the best time to stroll through Marina Walk.

Due to the distinct desert landscape, sunset in the Middle East is an exceptional sight. It is even more incredible in Dubai due to its iconic structures which are specially built to give remarkable views of the sunset. Ensure that you gaze upon the sundown from these spots to make your visit to Dubai memorable and more fascinating.

Gorgeous Pictures Of Dubai Sunset


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