Ski Dubai Ticket Price, Timings, Offers & More – 2020


Catch the thrilling experience by instantly transport yourself from desert to winter wonderland at Ski Dubai. The popular Ski Dubai offers impressive as well as the unique experience of Skiing in the Arabian land of Dubai. It is known as the world’s largest indoor snow park, which is spread over 22,500 square meters.

Ski Dubai presents many thrill rides include snow slope, snow rides, skiing, and snowboarding. This iconic adventure destination situated at the famous Mall of the Emirates-Dubai. You can choose your thrilling ride based upon your interest because it has plenty of fun activities to enjoy. This place has fun for everyone in the different form. There are many fun activities to do in Ski Dubai such as, snow caverns, tobogganing hill, snow bullet ride, snowball gallery, snow bumpers, and many more. Are you willing about ski Dubai price? Then don’t worry, we will cover each useful information about Ski Dubai.

Your Guide to Ski Dubai Snow Park

Is It Worth Visiting Ski Dubai?

You must be knowing that Dubai is well known for hot desert climate and to make a ski resort in condition like this is itself an achievement.

However, If you are still thinking that is it worth to visit Ski Dubai resort? Then my answer is YES, why?

  • The snow park is maintained at a temperature of -1 degree to 2 degrees Celsius entire year.
  • Slopes at Ski Dubai are 85 meters high which is equivalent to 25 storeys
  • There are 5 different slopes available in Ski Dubai with the longest slope measuring 400 meters.
  • Middle East first indoor Ski Resort


Ski Dubai is located at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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I would recommend you to visit early as at that there would be less crowd at that time.

Ski Dubai has different timings for different days:

Days Timings
Sunday  – Wednesday 10 AM to 11 PM
Thursday 10 AM to 12 Midnight
Friday – Sunday 09 AM to 11 PM

Ski Dubai Ticket Price

Ski Dubai ticket price in dirhams and rupees for readers in UAE and India.

Slope Packages

2 Hour Slope Pass Full Day Slope Pass SkiFly Slope Snow Premium Snow Plus
Price AED 210 /
Rs 4067
AED 310 /
Rs 6003
AED 305 /
Rs 5906
AED 490 /
Rs 9488
AED 340 /
Rs 6585

Snow Park Packages

Snow Park Snow Classic SkiFly Snow Classic Snow Premium Snow Plus
Price AED 190 /
Rs 3678
AED 265 /
Rs 5132
AED 305 /
Rs 5906
AED 490 /
Rs 9489
AED 340 /
Rs 6584

Snow Penguins Packages

Peng Friend Encounter Exclusive Peng Friend Ultimate Peng Friend Swimming with the Penguin Snow Premium Penguin
Price AED 190 /
Rs 3678
AED 265
Rs 5132
AED 305
Rs 5906
AED 490 /
Rs 9489
AED 340 /
Rs 6585

Where To Buy Ski Dubai Tickets?

If you are planning to visit Ski Dubai one of the most important questions which you must be thinking is from where I can get tickets at the lowest price, right?

I would say but the ticket in advance from online websites which offer the lowest price such as

Whether you are visiting Ski Dubai Resort or any other tourist places in Dubai like  Al Raha GardensDubai Miracle Garden, Quran Park Dubai, book your tickets online in advanced.

There are 2 benefits of booking tickets online in advance:

  • You can get tickets online at a discounted rate as compared to offline.
  • You will be saved from the embarrassment of tickets sold out, in case you plan to book tickets on the same day.

There are rules which you need to follow before entering the Slope, Snow Park, and Snow Penguins.

For your understanding, I have listed rules for “2 Hour Slope Pass” activity and it changes according to the activities you choose to do.

  • Not Allowed: Children under two years of age
  • 2 – 8 Years: Should enter under adult supervision
  • 9 – 12: Should enter if a guardian is present within Mall of the Emirates
  • Below 21 Years: Need to submit the form signed by a guardian

Activities To Do In Ski Dubai

The Slopes

This is the center of attraction of this adventure spot. It has run 5 runs that vary in difficulty, height, ingredients, Skier, and boarders. Every level of skills can enjoy the slope here. You can display your skills in the Freestyle Zone.

Snow Park

Once you have enjoyed the slopes you can now head to snow park and you can double the fun by flying at iFly Dubai indoor skydiving for 2 minutes. Like slope, even in Snow Park, there are 5 different types of snow park activities which you can enjoy.

In the snow park, you get unlimited access to snow park & rides such as snow bumpers, snow plough playground, ice cave, bobsled runs, zorbing, climbing wall, sliding hill, mountain thriller ride, chairlift ride, 40-minute penguin encounter 2 hours slope, 60 minutes discover the lesson, snow bullet ride, and more.

Snow Bullet

Get the experience of fly on the world’s first indoor zipline, and feel the height of 16 meters above the ground. Catch the fun of racing on the 150-meter long zip line with friends and family.

Skiing & Snowboarding

This fun is the perfect choice for mountain lovers who love to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Slopes of Ski Dubai are tailor-made to enjoy this thrilling ride, but it gives amazing moments of life. This venue is the ideal choice for the one who is looking for the learning.

Tobogganing & Zorbing

This ice-packed fun destination offers more exciting fun. This place is home to some amazing adventures that you will only find in Ski Dubai. These both activity of fun are widely famous, and gives an adrenaline rush to everyone. By exploring this adventure, you will forget about the Ski Dubai ticket price because whatever you will incomparable feelings.

Penguin March

Ski Dubai has a complete package for every kind of fun, and covered each element that is enough to give you thrill feeling. This place is home to Gentoo and King Penguins. These lovely birds have sophisticated habitat, equipped with a private pool, and private holding area. You can spot the Gentoo Penguin and third-largest penguin by white cap extending from eye to eye over the top of their head. The feeling of observation these birds through a glass walls grab a corner of your heart.

Snow Penguins

Ever dream about interacting with Penguin then Ski Dubai is the place for you. Your only chance to meet, have fun and play with Snow Penguins in Dubai. This is the place to visit with your kids and introduce them to visit Gentoo and King Penguins at Ski Dubai. The pampered penguins enjoy a private pool, a top deck area with rocks, and a private holding area.

Swimming with Penguins

This is an incredible opportunity for everyone to get up close with these lovable creatures, but it is available only once in a week. Go swimming with Penguins in a pool makes you feel amazing and special. This session of watery-fun is available for adults (18 or above) who know how to swim. You can enjoy this thrilling adventure with up to two people at a time.


There is no second thought that it is one of its kind that stored unimaginable thrilling adventures. Various activities of Fun is available there for everyone. If we talk about the Ski Dubai prices, then it is 199 AED for unlimited access, and it is a decent amount in the comparison of the fun thrill that you are going to enjoy.


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