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Sharjah Aquarium is known as the world of wonder, and it one of the largest educational center in UAE. This aquarium is run by Sharjah Museums Authority. It covered 6500 m square, and there are 20 different aquarium on its two floors, which contains a variety of sea creatures.

It is all about the fascinating realm of the deep sea, which established in 2008. This aquarium is the finest place to witness the local sea life that exists in the historic coasts of culturally rich emirate. It offers more dimensions for your fun apart from local sea life. It has several exhibits that entertain as well as educate.

Explore the Exclusive Marine Life 

It is home to more than 150 marine species that live in the Arabian Gulf waters. You can observe the mesmerizing sea rays along with docile reef sharks, the elusive moray eels, the clownfish, and delicate seahorses. You can see the more different creatures of water as well as their habitat.

The experience of catching the underwater life will amaze people of all ages. The indoor walkway allows you to see the marine animals closely that gives you an unmatchable feeling of your life. Children will be excited and delighted to experience the learning underwater about marine creatures. It is one of the best things for children edutainment in Sharjah. It is famous as marvel at deep-sea aquatic animals that will never fail to surprise everyone.

Acquire Knowledge of Underwater Ecosystem

This aquarium is more than just a recreational place, and created to familiarize the masses with marine life and the value of it. Authority of Sharjah Museums has decided to broaden the scope of the aquarium by setting up an oceanic nature. From the past decade, this place has been working to make sure a safe habitat for marine life to breed and thrive.

The work of this aquarium necessitates creating the ideal environment for all species of sea, and at the same time spread the awareness about the fact and condition of oceanic pollutions and consequent environmental damage. Some professionals and volunteers help in the aquarium to protect and preserve the marine environment.

A visit for this aquarium changes your perspective toward the marine environment in a positive manner and educate you on the calamities of oil spills, land reclamation, and overfishing. This aquarium makes you more considerate and responsible for the aquatic ecosystem.

Facilities in Sharjah Aquarium

This aquarium is an ideal place for the combination of fun and education, but the eye-catching factor is facilities to make sure a comfortable and relaxing time for visitors.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Access of Wheelchair for senior citizens, and people of determination
  • Availability of Mother’s Room with changing tables for babies
  • A cafe for snacks and meals
  • A Prayer Room for devotional vibes
  • A Gift Shop for making this trip memorable
  • Great facilities of elevators and restroom
  • Outstanding Ample Parking Space

Sharjah Aquarium Timings

The timing is not so usual not so common for this aquarium

  • Timing for Saturday to Thursday – 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Timing for Sunday – 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm
  • Unfortunately Aquarium closed on Sunday

Sharjah Aquarium Ticket

  • The age of children between 2 to 15 – 15 AED & 308 INR
  • Adults (13 and above) – 25 AED & 514 INR

Sharjah Aquarium Ticket Price

  • Children’s Group: 10 AED & 205 INR per children
  • Adult’s Group: 15 AED & 308 INR per person
  • Private School Trips: 5 AED & 102 INR per person

Free Entry 

  • There is no entry fee applies for following
  • The Children less than 2 years
  • The Senior citizens age 60 and above
  • The people of determination
  • The Government school trips

Notable things for your Aquarium Journey

  • The tickets of the Sharjah Aquarium are joint tickets for a visit to the aquarium and the neighboring Sharjah Maritime Museum. You can utilize a single ticket for visiting both places in a day.
  • Groups should have a minimum of 6 persons to qualify for reducing the ticket prices.

How to Reach Sharjah Aquarium 

The finest way to get the aquarium is to drive, but if you don’t have your vehicle, then Taxi will be the ideal choice to catch the fun of aquarium in Sharjah because the Commuting way of bus may take more time than Taxi. Taxi may charge a little bit extra, but time-saving factor and comfort come in Taxi.

Major Attraction near Sharjah Aquarium 

The location of Sharjah Aquarium is the proximity to the major attraction in the Al Khan area. The major attraction near Sharjah Aquarium is Al Khan Monument, the Al Khan Historical Area, the Al khan lagoon, and Sharjah Expo Center.

The few more nearby attraction 

  • Sharjah Maritime Museums – 200m at walking distance
  • Khalid Lake – 6km and 11 minutes by car and taxi
  • Al Noor Island 6km and 11 minutes by car and taxi

The bonus thing in Sharjah are beaches, and Al Khan Beach is less than 5 minutes’ drive away from the aquarium. Lou Lou’ beach is one of the most famous beaches, which is approximately 3 km away from the aquarium, and 6 minutes from a short drive by car and taxi.


Unquestionably, the emirate of Sharjah is a fascinating place, and there are so many things to explore and enjoy. This place is the prominent choice for those who love to explore, learn, and enjoy the rich natural cultural heritage of the city.


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