Dubai’s Quran Park one of the Greatest Places in Dubai


Dubai got a new cultural attraction, and everyone is more excited about that! Quran Park Dubai in Al Khawaneej has become the major attraction of this place for tourists as well as for residents. We know very well that Dubai is well known for the glamor and glitz along with modern buildings and malls, but after visiting this park, you will find that Islamic culture has its roots deep in the society.

This is the first-ever Islamic-based Park in the region, which spreads across an area of 60 hectares. This park not only offers an amazing insight into Islam culture and the Holy Quran but also lets you acquire depth perspective about tradition and culture. You would love to explore the Serene Gardens and take a glance at several plants that have been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Take a step into the Cave of Miracles, which present extraordinary events with seven prophets of Islam. Diversity of surprise make this place a more appreciable and interesting place to visit there. The hidden gem of this park is the green space, and many more eye-catching factors for visitors. This is widely famous as the Holy Park of Dubai.

This park is a spot for learning about plants and miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran by fun attractions. This park embraces Muslim and Non-Muslim to have some good and learning time here. This is the unique attraction of Dubai that offers amazing beauty in a different form, which is linked with culture and tradition. Quranic Park Dubai was recently named one of Time Magzine’s World Greatest Place to visit for 2019.

The Attraction of Quranic Park 

The first notable thing you catch by your eyes as you enter the park is a beautiful and impressive design. This park is designed by keeping in mind the cross-cultural dialogue between visitors and residents. It is designed to enhance the greenery in the area as well as diversity.

Dubai Quran Park

This is one of the main centers of attraction in Quranic Park, and the art and technology combination gratify this masterpiece. This picturesque man-made cave helps you in understanding the several miracles mentioned in the Quran.

This cave expresses the miracles given by God to all the prophet mentioned in the Quran and tradition. To make the story more engaging and exciting, sound effects and animated videos are exceptional. Every section of the cave offers miraculously incident that amaze you. A guide will help you there in understanding the each thing perfectly. It is an extremely exciting point to learn about Islamic culture in a fun and interactive way through this cave.

The Glass House: 

The one corner of the park is dedicate to the Glasshouse of the park. This is the gem of the park that provides breathtaking beauty. This House contains 29 types of varieties and medicinal herbs, and this is fully air-condition. It has water features that are complementary adds there, and the water of this house and ramp ways gives you immense feeling through the walkway.

There are some restrooms, and some space for catching some devotional vibes as well as for pray. Clicking the pictures behind the amazing backdrop of Glasshouse is the ideal place, and a small food court takes care of your hunger delightfully. The Greenhouse stores the plants, which are mention in the Quran and do not survive in the desert climate.

The Gardens

There is greenery in the park adds glory in the charm of the park, and Orchid Garden is quite large and became a source of greenery there. There are many plants present here from the Quran and sunnah. They are well manicure and well Kept and walking in the garden. You can find a couple of dozen plants there who need not to be kept in the Greenhouse.

Two appropriate areas for kids to play and enjoy the greenery of this garden and encircling the park there is a rubber jogging and cycling track. One more thing that you would find attractive, and that is large sculptors in the shape of trees gives shade along the walkway. Covering of these trees is a solar panel that gives power to the charging station and park light. This all things are the finest demonstration of how to integrate Eco-friendly and modern technology into our lives without compromising the aesthetic beauty.

Quran Park Dubai Ticket

The entry of the park is free of cost for all, But Miracle Cave and Glasshouse has a small fee. Both have separate ticket to enter, and the cost is 5 AED or 102 INR for each place. The parking is free for visitors.

Quran Park Dubai Timings

Saturdays to Thursdays 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

Friday 3.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Quran Park Dubai Location

The Quranic Park is located at Al Khawaneej, close to Mushrif Park and is opened from 8am to 10pm.Apr 2, 2019

Some Other Attraction Points near Quranic Park Dubai 

Al Khawanjee is home to many unique attractions.

  • The Yard by Meraas
  • Cycling and Walking Track
  • Mushrif Park


This Park gives an introduction to Islamic traditions, Practices, and Faith. Once fully developed, The Park is going to have Umrah Corner to illustrate rituals of the Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca. Quran Park Dubai comes up with two prominent factors one is Cultural understanding, and second is to teach the message of peace in Islam. It gives you depth understanding of culture, diversity, religious beliefs of the Islamic religion. The purpose of this park is exceptional and stunning that you could ever imagine.


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