Curious Facts About Dubai’s Palm Islands


There is no second thought that Palm Island is the top-class attraction in Dubai. The Palm Islands is an aspiring project, started by Nakheel Properties, and it has been built on the coast of Dubai Emirates. These artificial islands are iconic beauty of this glitzy city.

The construction of the Palm islands started in august 2001, and Arabian Gulf is the right place to build such a mega structure. It is 30m deep and 160 km wide.

There are many world-class hotels, adventurous centers, spas, and health Centers, residential villas, cinema multiplexes, and diving. The innovative shape of the Palm tree is outstanding, but it provides every kind of element for every kind of fun. It is the major attraction for beach lovers and leisure travelers.

The connection of the three artificial group of islands are categorized into Palm Jumeirah Visit, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira, Palm Beach Dubai which are spread over an area of seven million square meters. This magnificent beauty of Dubai holds the record of being the world’s largest artificial islands.

How were the Palm Islands built?

Unlike other largescale constructions, the islands’ foundations were made from millions of tons of blasted rock, rather than concrete slabs. This rock was sourced from the nearby Hajar Mountains.

Hundreds of millions of cubic tonnes of sand were also dredged from the seafloor and used to form the upper parts of the new manmade archipelagoes.

So much rock and sand was used in the islands’ construction that it has been estimated that it could be used to build a 2-meter wide wall that could encircle the globe three times!

What was the purpose of the Palm Islands?

The main reason for the construction of the Palm Islands was to increase Dubai’s tourism market by providing a one-of-a-kind tourist destination. This was seen as especially important to the UAE to be able to hedge against the predicted long-term decline in project oil revenues as reservoirs ran out.

Each of the archipelagoes had been planned to be brimming with world-class hotels, upscale services, amenities, as well as many kilometres of private beaches for holiday goers and local residents.

Takeaway Facts about the Palm Islands

  • Palm Island Dubai is remarked as the most appealing and pleasurable global vacation spot that covered various attractions that unparalleled excitement. You will not find anything else like Palm islands since it is a chain of various islands joined together made to look like a Palm tree. This island is one of a few islands that are visible from space.
  • To make this island more stunning, it adjoins around 60 kilometres of shoreline from the mainland of Dubai. You can enjoy the greenery of this destination, with more than 12,000 Palm trees that were grown in the nursery. To enjoy a fully luxurious feel while exploring the islands, people can stay in budget-friendly hotels, and there are many residences built on islands for your comfort.
  • At the time of construction, there were more than 32 cubic meters of sand used, and mostly sand brought from the floor of oceans. It was a highly appreciable thing that engineers used the natural resources that were already in use.
  • Dubai Palm Island offers plentiful things that mesmerize everyone, but the nightlife of Dubai makes this place exceptionally wonderful for residents as well as for avid travellers. Travellers can indulge in the watery fun with many dimensions such as Scuba-diving and Snorkeling.
  • Palm Jumeirah was the first of three such manmade archipelagoes planned. Of the other two, Palm Jebel Ali has since been mothballed and Palm Deira has been significantly scaled back.

  • Millions of tons of blasted rock and dredged sand from the seafloor were used to reclaim the land for the islands. This material was compacted using vibro-compaction technology.

  • The islands were planned and built in a bid to increase tourism to Dubai. This was to act as an insurance policy against the exhaustion of UAE’s extensive oil reserves in the future.


Palm Islands is considered as one of the most ambitious projects ever initiated. These three islands have residential facilities. The main reason for construction such an architectural masterpiece was to increase Dubai’s tourism market by giving the one of its kind attraction.

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most ambitious projects of this city, and always comes in top places to visit in Dubai. These islands are perfectly delivered the high-class services in each aspect for travelers. This artistic islands will never fail to amaze you, and let you enjoy the best moment of your life that give an immense amount of pleasure.

Facilities of Palm Islands are exceptional as it comes up with many attractions that everyone will love to explore. It is known as a group of incredible islands of the modern world. These islands are home to lavish hotels, peaceful beaches, and elegant apartments that bring all kinds of thrill and comfort.


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