Dubai Miracle Garden: World’s largest flower garden


Dubai is majestic in itself and offers so many attractions for travelers, but this marvelous Miracle Garden Dubai is full-fledged. It is the world’s largest natural flower garden that going over and above the usual display of flowers and flowerbeds.

This garden offers more than 120 flower varieties including, petunias, sunflowers, geraniums, and marigolds. It is so huge that it will take hours to catch all things of this garden, and the boundary of this garden built in a circular shape, which is surrounded by thick tall trees. There are more than 1000 floral themes in this park, and some of them erected as mega structures. It was inaugurated in 2013 at Valentine’s Day that means on 14th February 2013.

These flowers are well-arranged in an array of vertical design, and design of horizontal landscaping that range from quirky to elegant. Miracle Garden is one of the most visited places in Dubai, and it has become the major tourist attractions.

Over 1.5 million visitors per year visit here to enjoy the vibe of natural flowers. Heart-related floral themes and heart arch structure makes this garden as the romantic garden in the world. Dubai Miracle Garden celebrates its birthday on each Valentine’s Day with a unique style, and with a strong tagline-Love is in the air.

Some Eye-Catching Factors of Miracle Garden

  • Floral Theme & Topiary Arts: We know that flowers are building blocks of this amazing garden, but these flowers integrated some art of work like, floral theme, floral installation, Flower art, Sculptures, Flowering bedding, Walls, houses and even Passages as well.
  • Butterfly Garden:You can find 9 doms stretch around 1800 square meter encircle large quantity of butterfly species in different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Ever-Changing: This is the best reason to come here because the decor and structure of the garden follow the different themes every year.
  • Award-Winning: This Garden has won many awards that show the value and pride of it. This garden has earned various awards in its six seasons. Two Guinness book of world record for the largest floral installation makes it worth visiting place in Dubai.

Some Popular Themes at Miracle Garden


Watch out for this very attractive 15-metre floral clock made out of real plants and flowers with designs that alter according to the season. The mechanical parts of the clock were imported from the US and its design was created by its own in-house landscaping company Miracle Garden Landscaping.


Surrounded by millions of flowers with sitting and dining facility inside, This Floral Castle gives you an impression as if you are in some kind of a fairyland.


A colorful Umbrella Passage is also the part of the floral themes of the Dubai Miracle Garden. An Umbrella Passage at the Dubai Miracle Garden has a ceiling of attached umbrellas at the top. Flowers are also beautifully integrate below these colorful umbrellas (on the sides). There is not just a single Umbrella Passage but there are multiple Umbrella Passages at the Dubai Miracle Garden. The basic purpose of each Umbrella Passage is to provide shade to the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Dubai after all is a desert and at times during a day the temperature goes high. Therefore; shades are definitely need to compensate the heat and the Umbrella Passage of the Dubai Miracle garden serves this purpose of heat compensation to the visitors.


Miracle Garden Dubai has so many things to offers for everyone. Take a fun and adventurous journey of this picturesque beauty of Dubai that will never fail to amaze you. This garden offers sitting areas where you can rest and calmly feel the magic of nature. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Many reasons make Miracle Garden so successful, but one of the most prominent factors is the continuous improvement of the floral theme, which makes this garden so successful, and all the sculptures and designs are related to flowers. It shows a great variety of flowers, but Petunia Flowers are dominant here because these flowers are ideal for the weather conditions of Dubai.

Touch the greenery with your eyes and soul at Miracle Garden, and enjoy the nature with art.



Regular Admission:

Adult (12 years old above): 55AED
Children (3 years – 12 years) 40AED
People of determination and Children’s below 3 years old: Free of Charge


How to get to Dubai Miracle Garden via Public Transport

  • Take the Dubai Metro and stop at the MOE (Mall of the Emirates metro station) – Red line.
  • Take RTA Bus No. 105 and it will directly take you to Dubai Miracle Garden for 15-20 minute ride. Cost is 5 Dirhams.
  • Taxi is also available incase public transportation is not convenient for you.

Park Hours

Within the framework of the precautionary and preventive measures against the new Corona virus emerging in the Emirate of Dubai, and in our attention to the health and safety of visitors and employees, Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden announce their temporary closure until the end of March 2020. We wish everyone health and wellness.

في إطار الاجراءات الاحترازية والوقائية من فيروس كورونا المستجد في اماره دبي وحرصا منا على صحه وسلامه الزوار والموظفين تعلن حديقه دبي ميراكل جاردن و حديقه دبي للفراشات عن اغلاقهما حتى نهايه شهر مارس ٢٠٢٠ اعتبارا من يوم ١٦ مارس ٢٠٢٠ متمنين للجميع دوام الصحه والعافيه

Park Services

Dubai Miracle Garden provides state of the art services and facilities including open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, prayer room, toilet blocks, ablution facility, security room, first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, souvenir shops, retails and commercial kiosk and all other related services available to facilitate visitors.

Dubai Miracle Garden has also expanded its parking facilities to almost 60,000 sq.m. which will accommodate nearly 2,000 cars.


1. Ticket is valid for single entry only.

2. Use of professional cameras and drones are not allowed inside the garden.

3. Professional shoots, including engagements, wedding, modeling, TV ads and other events requires prior approval from the management office.

4. Opening and closing timings should be observe strictly.

5. Please use proper passages, walkways and exits allocated for such use.

6. Flower picking is STRICTLY not allow.

7. Cars, Balls, Scooters, Bicycles, Hover boards, Pets are not allowed.

8. No food and beverages are allow from outside the garden.

9. Barbeque is not allow.

10. Use proper litter bins for disposal of litters.

11. Sitting is allow only in the designate areas.

12. Any instruction from the security personnel should be follow immediately without argument.

13. The management has all the rights to expel any visitor from the park if found posing great threats to flowers, park assets or involves in miss conduct.

14. Any damages arising due to negligence or non-compliance with mentioned instructions shall be sole responsibility of the visitor and their companions.

15. Tickets are non-refundable in any circumstances.


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