Dubai is well known for its impressive architectural wonder and adventure places. There are many exquisite places for tourists to explore the beauty of this city. Dubai also holds the ownership of the tallest building in the world, and this city will never fail to amaze everyone with its marvelous wonders. If we talk about the wondrous contribution of Dubai, then Safari Park of Dubai will be the priority for adventure and fun.

Dubai Safari Park is one of the most thrilling parks all over the world, and one can enjoy leisure sightseeing and wildlife here. This park has more than 3000 animals, and it is the major eco-friendly attraction for every age group. Enjoy this fascinating place of this glitzy city, and grab the unforgettable moment of life.

Attraction of Dubai Safari Park 

Undoubtedly, it offers many places to explore the wildlife dimension, but some main attractions of this park adds amazing experience in your life. Spend some quality time there to explore the raw culture of the city.

Safari Park: Open Safari is the eye-catching factor, and it teleports the tourist to the dense jungles of Asia and Africa to have a close encounter with the wild beast. You can enjoy comfortably in the specially designed vehicle, and enjoy the sightseeing of different species like water buffalos, cheetahs, deer, and zebra. Wildlife is incomplete without capturing a glimpse of mighty lions and tigers. This artificial safari park enhances the ecosystem with the help of a rippling waterfall, which is a uniquely powered initiative. There are open-air theaters for bird and reptile show, and the walkthrough the crocodile exhibit is immensely exciting.

African Village: This is one of the best places to explore inside the Safari Park of Dubai. You can see the African wild dogs, mighty white lions, chimpanzees, and giant tortoises. You will like the pride of tigers by peeking through the protective glass barriers. It is the perfect place to display the ecosystem and wildlife of African Savannas.

Arabian Village: You can experience the charming beauty of Arabian villages by walking through the sandy deserts, terrains of Rocky Mountains, and lush greens meadows. It is well known as a great paradise and thrilling spot for travelers who praise the Dubai deserts. This section of safari park shelters many attractive creatures like Antelopes and Nilgais, and many more animals, which are usually found in imprisonment. Wolves are the center of attraction here, so don’t miss the sightseeing of this creature here.

Asian Village: This region of Asian Village will never fail to surprise you, and it has the shelter of great Asia’s ape. You can capture the mighty old man of the forest, and experience the wheels fun. Take a walk in amidst the dense forest. It is known as the most surprising and interesting zone of Safari park. You can see the Gibbons, Giant Komodo dragons and Moon bears. Dense greenery and high canopy of trees of this village give you immense feeling.

Wadi Village: This village is an exceptional recreational place for spending some relaxation time with your family and friends. The lush greenery design of this village is up to your expectations and gives you satisfaction with peace and calm nature. It has solar-powered water streams fishing pond, and after completing your wildlife journey, this place has to be there for taking care of your mind and body. The delightful atmosphere of this place is magnificent. The vibes of relaxation and nature touch in such manner make this place perfect to complete your journey. One can enjoy the vibrancy of this spot for full relaxation and get unforgettable moments of life.

Kids Farm:  This safari park has some adventures dimensions as well as has recreational regions, but it also offers a playground for children. This Safari Park holds the surprise for children in the form of Kids farm that offers a playground full of fun activity. It is crafted by keeping in mind about little visitors and for their preferences. Children can easily connect with nature and have some fun time as well as recreational moments with the splendid beauty of this farm. Little visitors can spend some quality with nature and learn something about farm animals like chicken, goats, sheep, and cows. Little kids learn something more about nature and farm activity that educates them as well entertain them at the same point.

Dubai safari Park Cost of construction:

The Park is constructed with a huge amount of 40.8 million Dollars.

Dubai Safari Park Location:

The Dubai Safari Park is located on Al Warqa 5, on Hatta road, opposite of Dragon Mart Dubai. The coordinates of Dubai Safari Park is 25.1775° N, 55.4494° E.

Upcoming Enticement of Safari Park 

  • The Safari Park is going to add 2000 species animals, including a herd of Elephant.
  • This Safari park is going to set up an Australian village and South African village.
  • For Children learning, A zoo mobile will be launched and enhance the children’s excitement of learning new tools and technology.

Catch the Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is place on Al Warqa 5, settled at Hatta road. The trouble-free road to reach the safari park is Al Awir situate opposite direction of the Desert Palm Resort and Hotel. Cab facility makes it easier to reach.

Dubai Safari Park Area:

Total Area of Dubai Safari Park is 119 Hectares or 12.8 million Square feet’s or 1.2 square kilometers. This area is approximately equal to 223 football fields. The area is double in size then of Vatican City.

List of Distance from Major Landmarks

International Airports – 17km

Dubai City – 23km

Jumeriah – 25km

Sharjah – 30km

Dubai Safari Park Timing

The timing of Safari Park is 9 am to 5 pm, and keep this thing in my mind that you must need 5 to 6 hours in your bucket list to explore the park. If we talk about the ticket price, then the ticket prices are 50AED or 1000 INR for adults and 20AED or 400 INR for Children

Dubai Safari Park Tickets and Price:

  • On providing the identity (Both ID Card and Passport is accept) of age for children under three and old people above the age of 60 years is free to enter in all areas of Dubai Safari Park.
  • The tickets at the opening of Park was free but now it cost 85 AED for full tours which include safari village, if exclude the safari village then ticket is AED 50 only.
  • A ticket for children’s cost 30 AED for full tours which include safari village, if exclude the safari village then ticket is AED 20 only.

Dubai Safari Park Will be Re open in 2020:

Tim Husband the project manager of the Dubai Safari park project reported that the park will open in 2020. He said that park will come with amazing changes and a lot of new things and enjoyments for its visitors.

The adventure of this wildlife spot will be the most thrilling and sensational part of your Dubai journey.


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