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Dubai Metro Inauguration:

Dubai Metro has broadened each year since it’s dispatch in September 2009. Moving around the city with Dubai Metro Timing is pretty basic and moderate. Here is a definitive guide about Dubai Metro for travellers and public vehicle clients. We have listed the Dubai Metro Timing Today.

Since it is such a fundamental part of living in Dubai. All UAE Tours brings to you a whole guide of the metro train in Dubai. In this guide, you will know all the data on the timings, ticket costs, and rundown the metro stations in Dubai to assist you with picking the correct choice when going through Dubai utilising the metro. Because of Jumma, the Dubai Metro Timing On Friday is sometimes a bit different.

Here are three metro lodges available to explorers of the Metro: 

● Gold Class Cabin – This lodge is found right at the front of the train and just available to holders of the Gold Nol Card.

● Women and Children’s Cabin – Dedicated lodge for women and youngsters as it were. It very well may be gotten to with any NOL Card. Beforehand this lodge was arranged right close to the Gold Cabin. It will before long be moved to the furthest limit of the train to guarantee a smooth and safe excursion for all. 

● Standard Class Cabin – General Cabin for all metro clients and can be gotten to with any NOL Card 

The entirety of public transportation in Dubai are observed and keep exacting principles and guidelines. Here are a couple of things to remember when going via trains in Dubai 

● Continuously ensure you are in the correct lodge, according to your NOL card. Each lodge is set apart to signify the correct lodge. Inability to follow this can bring about fines of up to AED 100. 

● Abstain from eating, savoring the metro. Biting gum is likewise not permitted. The fine for biting gum in the metro is AED 100. 

● Resting isn’t permitted in the holding up regions of the metro. 

● Sitting on the floor or between two train vehicles is likewise not permitted.

● Pressing the crisis button when there is no crisis can cost you AED 2000 whenever saw as liable.

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Dubai Metro Cost:

Originally the project was started with an estimated budget of 4.2 Billion Dollars. But the cost of metro increased eighty percent to 7.8 billion dollars. However the authorities of Dubai Metro not agreed that this is increase in project cost. The authorities stated the cost increase because of massive changes in the project design and to provide facilities to more and more area and people.

The cost of under construction 2020 route is 4.46 billion dollars and the targeted time to complete this track is before expo 2020.

Return on Investment of Dubai Metro:

Metro of Dubai is a subsided project by the government of Dubai for the people of Dubai. The project will return 4.9 billion dollars in ten years. The return is more than 100% of the initial estimated price of project but it is around 60% of the total amount spent on the project.

Metro Dubai

Delays in Metro Dubai:

The Dubai transport authorities claimed that in spite of Global crises in world at the start of project they will complete the project in dead line which was in February 2009. The claim was not fulfilled and after the seventh months of dead line only ten stations of metro red line were opened for the public. The remaining 19 metro stations of red line was operational in 28 April 2010.

Metro Stations and Lines of Dubai Metro:

The current Red Line Dubai Metro and Green Line of Dubai Metro consist of seventy kilometre of track. These track have forty seven stations in total and nine underground metro stations are part of these forty seven stations. The new extension of route 2020 of metro train will include 2 under gourd while a total of seven stations. The length of route 2020 is fifteen kilometres. The red line track is 52 kilometre of which five kilometres are underground. While the green line track is 22 kilometres while eight kilometres of road is underground. The red line track have 24 elevated, 4 Underground and 1 Ground level stations while Green Line have 12 elevated, 4 underground level and 2 shared stations with Red lines. The total travel time of Red Line is 1 hour and 12 minutes approximately while Green Line 42 minutes approximately. The average travel time between Red Line station and Green Line station is 60-90 seconds.

Expo Metro Station Dubai will be largest metro station in Emirates. Dubai Outlet mall

Parking in Dubai Metro:

The Dubai metro have a free parking for its users. The Red line have two parking with a total capacity of 5700 cars. Currently Rashidiya Metro Station with a parking capacity of 2700 is open while other parking Nakheel Harbour and Tower Metro Station with a capacity of 3000 will open in 2020. The green line a parking capacity of 2300 Cars. The total current capacity of Dubai Metro is 8000 cars. These all parking are multi stories. For free parking a person must have a NOL Card.

Dubai Metro integration with Dubai Tram:

In November 2014 the Dubai road and transport authorities integrated the Dubai Tram with Dubai Metro so that visitors can easily move to other parts of Dubai from metro stations.

Dubai Metro Trains:

79 Specially designed metro trains were manufactured by a Japanese company named as Kinki Sharyo. All these trains were equipped with special transport facility and modern driver less drive technology. Out of these 79 trains 50 is running on red line while remaining 29 is running on Green line. Each train have capacity to carry 643 passengers and standing passengers as well.

New Train for Dubai Metro:

A new agreement of 50 trains are done and delivery of trains will start in November 2018 and will be completed in October 2019. These trains have eight percent more capacity and will carry 696 passengers’ seats instead of 643 seats by previous trains. 35 out of these trains will be added to old red line and orange line project while 15 trains will serve the 2020 route. The new trains have more sophisticated technology of seats breaking systems, emergency stops and doors along with many other new features. These trains have child and women separate cabins on the end while on the front is Gold class cabins. The middle part have silver class cabin.  The new metro train have both latitudinal and longitudinal seat arrangement.

Guinness World Record Dubai Metro:

On 31st October 2018 the 96 nationalities joined there hand to make a world record for the most diverse human hand chain. Previous record was with Norway which was made in 2013 where 75 nation’s people made a chain of hand.

Dubai Metro Green Effects:

As the Dubai Metro is now the most used and cheap transport system in Dubai so people are using it maximum and it reduced the use of cars. As per Dubai Authorities the stop of car uses helped to controlled 943tonnes of carbon omission every day. A total of 341 thousand tons of carbon omission is controlled in 2017. This is a great achievement for control of carbon in environment and help to control the global warming.

Dubai Metro Ticket Price:

An electronic fare cards are used for travel purpose in the Metro Dubai. This card is known is NOL Card which mean fare in Arabic and is used to pay fares of Dubai Metro. The Dubai Metro ticket price is divided into different tier zones. There is total of four tear zones and these zones are divided as per Kilometers. Tier 0 is less than 3 KM, Tier 1 is when a journey is started and end in same zone. Tier 2 mean a journey is started in one zone and end in neighbor zone .Tier 3 mean when a journey start and end in different zones that means cover at least 2 Zones.

Tiers Cost T0 T1 T2 T3
Silver Trip Cost (AED) 1.8 2.3 4.1 5.8
Regular Class
Gold Trip Cost (AED) 3.6 4.6 8.2 11.6
Gold Class
Blue Trip Cost (AED) 1.8 2.3 4.1 5.8
Regular Class
Red Regular Class Trip Cost (AED) 2 2.5 4.5 6.5
Red Gold Class 4 5 9 13

There is special seats for old age people, disable and pregnant women’s. The discount is also available for the senior citizens and students and monthly card holders. The electronic card of Dubai Metro is also accepted on buses and under water buses.

Dubai Metro Timings:

Dubai Metro timings is 5:50 AM to mid night from Saturday to Wednesday. On Thursday the Dubai metro time is 5:50 AM to 1 AM while on Friday the service remain open from 1 PM until 1 AM.The Dubai Metro serves seven days a week.  The Dubai Metro Time do not change in Ramadan or with change of weather.


The Dubai Metro 2020 will start from Nakheel Harbor Station to Expo 2020 location. The train start from red line station. Expo link construction consortium is the constructor for this project. The total distance of this line is 15 kilometer out of which 11.8 km is above the ground while remaining 3.2 km is under the ground. The underground section is being drilled by a drill machine which makes the project complicated. The project have seven metro stations. Out of which five stations will be elevated while two will be under ground and one will be on level ground. The train is also environment friendly and use electric breaks. It will be completed in year 2020 and will launch for public just before expo 2020.

Prohibited Acts in Dubai Metro

In any case no person can use the other person fare (NOL) card. Destroying or tempering the seats or any equipment’s or seats of the Metro Dubai is strictly prohibited. Eating food and drinking is also prohibited while Smoking is not allowed of any kind including electric cigarettes is not allowed. Creating discomforts for other people is also not allowed. Resting your feet’s on seats and spitting is not allowed.

Map of Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro map consist of two line a red and a green. Red Line is an L shape while green line is a U shape on map. Both the line intersects each other at two stations. One is known as Union while other is known as Burjuman.

Dubai metro map

Green line Metro Dubai Map

The Map is attached below and Details of all metro stations are in the table after the map.

Dubai Metro Map Green line

Green Line Station
Station No Station name Theme Open Date Area Level Shops Comments
11 Etisalat Fire 9/10/2011 Al Twar, Muhaisnah Elevated 3 Park n Ride
12 Al Ghusais 1 Water 9/10/2011 Al Qusais, Al Twar Elevated 5
13 Dubai Airport Freezone Earth 9/10/2011 Al Qusais, Dubai Airport T2 Elevated 4
14 Al Nahda Air 9/10/2011 Al Twar, Al Nahda Elevated 5
15 Stadium Fire 9/10/2011 Al Mulla Plaza, Al Nahda Elevated 5
16 Al Qiyadah/Quiadah Earth 9/10/2011 Dubai Police HQ Elevated 4
17 Abu Hail Air 9/10/2011 Hor Al Anz, Salahuddin Rd Elevated 5
18 Abu Bakr Al Siddiqi Water 9/10/2011 Rigga, Hor Al Anz, Abu Hail Underground 4
19 Salahuddin Fire 9/10/2011 Al Baraha, Al Riga, Reef Mall Underground 3
20 Union Square Earth 9/10/2011 Al Ghurair City, Rigga, Naif Underground 8 Transfer Station
21 Baniyas Square Air 9/10/2011 Naif Underground 6
22 Palm Deira Water 9/10/2011 Hyatt, Corniche, fish market Underground 8
23 Al Ras Water 9/10/2011 Al Ras, Shindaga Underground 9
24 Al Ghubaiba Earth 9/10/2011 Port Rashid, Ghubaiba Bus Terminal Underground 9
25 Al Fahidi (Saeediya) Fire 9/10/2011 Mankhool, Bur Dubai souk area Underground 6
26 Burjuman Water 9/10/2011 Burjuman Center, Mankhool, Karama Underground 12 Transfer Station
27 Oud Metha Air 9/10/2011 Oud Metha, Umm Hurair Underground 3
28 Healthcare City Fire 9/10/2011 DHCC, Wafi Center Elevated 2
29 Jaddaf 1 Water 3/1/2014 Jadaf, Culture Village Elevated 5
30 Dubai Creek Earth 3/1/2014 Jaddaf, DHCC II Elevated 5

Red Line Metro Dubai Map

The Map is attached below and the details are in table after the map

Red line Dubai 2

Red Line Stations
Station name Station name Station name Station name
Rashidiya Dubai Internet City ADCB Mall of the Emirates
Emirates Nakheel Al Jafiliya Sharaf DG
Airport Terminal 3 DAMAC Properties World Trade Centre
Airport Terminal 1 Jumeirah Lake Towers Emirates Towers
GGICO Nakheel Harbour and Towers Financial Centre
Deira City Centre Ibn Battuta Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall
Al Rigga Energy Business Bay
Union (connecting to Green Line) Danube Al Quoz
Burjuman (connecting to Green Line) UAE Exchange First Gulf Bank

Expo 2020 Metro Line Dubai

The red line and Expo 2020 Metro Line separates from Nakheel Harbor and Tower Station. The Map of Expo 2020 Metro Line is below.

Dubai metro map expo 2020

Dubai Metro Zone Map

18. Visting time in crona Timings in crona:

Because of Crona virus the timing of most of the tourist places in UAE is from 9AM to 5PM only.


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