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One Perfect Place – Discovery Gardens in Dubai


Discovery Gardens is one of the most iconic residential community, which is located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road in Jebel Ali. It is widely known as one of the initial family-oriented projects near the Jebel Ali free zone. It covered an area of 26 million square ft. and this project completed in 2008 by the master developer Nakheel.

The Community has spacious apartments surrounded by lush foliage, desert blooms, and well-manicured lawns. The buildings in Discovery Gardens are based on 6 garden Living themes, and this community offers 300 buildings and featuring more than 26000 affordable units of studio 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

Some general facilities are also available there like, 3 medical centers and 200 retail shops. The shape of this Discovery gardens is rectangular, which gives it a mesmerizing look and the facilities make this community a perfect place for living.

You can find that there are many wide-open spaces and landscaped gardens outside the building with various amenities. There is no double thought that it is the ideal place for living and the most popular property in Dubai with very high occupancy rates.

Discovery Gardens Dubai

Discovery Gardens: It is home to multiple hotels, restaurants, nightlife destinations.

  • Parkside Hotel Apartment:This hotel has 169 rooms, Free -WIFI is available to its guests, and commuting takes 9 minutes of driving from Discovery Gardens
  • ZiQoo Hotel Apartment: It has a Japanese theme, and offering traditional Japanese accommodations. Amazing facilities for Gym, traditional Zen Spa, and restaurants nearby. You can get Ibn Battuta Mall and Metro stations by walking distance.
  • Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartments: It is located just next to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall. It offers 169 luxury apartment suites with contemporary interiors.

Discovery Garden is fully packed with high-class amenities, schools, and healthcare.

You can find some small groceries, which is fully packed with your daily requirements, and there are many malls and supermarket to complete your shopping complete.

There are various mosques in Discovery Gardens like, Masjid Abdullah Ali-Al Chaafar, Omar Bin Abdulaziz Mosque, and the recent one Nakheel Mosque.

You can’t imagine a Dubai without the beach, and watery fun with discovery Gardens will never disappoint in that aspect. You can catch the beaches near the residential area to have a fun day.

Everyone wants to enjoy the open space in living style, and its aesthetically architecture takes care of it, and more than 30% of the community is dedicated to open space. If you are looking for sophisticated cosmopolitan living, then Discovery Gardens Dubai has so much to offers you.

Living space is all about my kind of space, and everyone wants to get a perfect space as per requirements. When a living place offers so many things, which make your life so easy and amazing, then it is just like a living dream.

This residential community understand the living preferences and deliver to you with flawlessly. It covers everything that allows you to lead your life in your way and catch the amenities in your boundary.

Discovery Gardens Location

Zen Cluster, Street No 1, Building No 4, Near to Sunrise supermarket Discovery Gardens, Dubai, UAE

Discovery Gardens Time

Sunday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Aster Clinic Discovery Gardens

Aster Clinic Discovery Gardens is one of the many premium centers of the Aster DM Healthcare group, and it aims to provide the finest healthcare services to all those who require diagnosis and treatments for a wide variety of disorders. The team of doctors who are experts in various fields takes care of the health needs of the community with personalized care, in a comfortable environment.

ICare Discovery Gardens

iCare Clinics were designed and developed to provide complete healthcare for people. Doctors understand the needs of the patient and deal in well-courteous manner. It is open for the entire year, and its efficient and friendly staff will handle you with full of care. iClinic aims to emphasize affordability & ethics in healthcare.

iCare comes up with six convenient locations in Dubai of iCare Clinic Discovery Gardens, Oasis Mall, Lamcy Plaza, Uptown Midriff, Mankhool, and Al Barsha. These clinics have a wide range of medical services. These clinics are home to the team of reputed doctors, caring nurses, expert technicians, and well-trained staff.

Healthcare is such part of our life where we never compromise with quality, and iCare Clinic’s professional doctor and other staffs are well known for paying good attention to patients and treat them with the best services.

These clinics are appreciable in Dubai for the complete solution of healthcare. Team of doctors understand the perspective of patients and listen to them closely. The convenience and speed of X-Ray and testing labs give you complete satisfaction.

These clinics give a new standard to healthcare in Dubai.

Unquestionably, iClinic is the leading organization in the health department that gives perfection in service very efficiently. We are well informed about the reputation and value of doctors in our society. We hardly manage to find such an occupation where the class and reputation comes with it.

Some Important Blocks of iCare Clinic

  • Comprehensive Care for Patient:We take care of Kids, adults, and geriatric patients with high-quality service. It includes chronic disease management.
  • Coordination of Hospital Care:We understand the patient and deal with them correctly. We carefully analysis of hospitalization, and we will involve dedicatedly in your daily care. During the time of hospitalization, we give assurance of taking care of patient perfectly.
  • Time Extended Possibility: We firmly believe that good healthcare takes time. Generally, the appointment is around 20 minutes, but it can be extended according to the condition.
  • Coordination with Specialist: If a patient requires a consultant for specialty medical care, then we will arrange the consultation as per requirement. We work very closely with the specialist. We coordinate courteously for good healthcare.

Timing of Clinics- 

Saturday to Sunday – 7: 30 am to 11: 00 pm

iCare Clinic Discovery Gardens

Extra attention to patient works perfectly, and patients get benefits from it. We aim to provide the extraordinary service in the healthcare department to make a great change in the world. Our consultation always go up from your expectations because we know how to handle that patient with extra care.

iCare Clinics firmly believe that Patient education is important in creating sustainable healthy living habits. Being healthy and start living a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to treat yourself.

If you are looking for complete healthcare in Dubai, then the iCare Clinic is the premium healthcare, which is one step ahead for you. Get the perfect solution for your health in one place. Our branches are available at various spots with high-quality.



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