High Tea & Afternoon Tea at the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai


Whenever people visit Dubai, they have two iconic towers in their to-see list one is, Burj Khalifa and the second is Burj Al Arab. Burj Khalifa is the world tallest building, and Burj Al Arab is the 7th tallest hotel in the world. These records showcase the charm and willingness to see these places. Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels on our planet. The design of this luxury hotel is the sail of a ship, and it has a height of 321 meters.

The island on which this hotel stand is artificial, but add glory in the charm of it. The Entry of this hotel available in two conditions either you are hotel guest, or you have a reservation of any restaurant of Burj Al Arab. Therefore the people who want to visit the hotel Book the famous burj al arab afternoon tea.

Tea at Burj Al Arab is experience in itself because the mesmerising view from the 27th floors allows you to see Burj Khalifa on one side and palm Jumeirah on the other side. Experience of having delectable dishes in this hotel will blow your mind. So enjoy Afternoon tea Dubai ang get infomation with this article.

The Menu

The seven-course menu comes up with blini with salmon, cauliflower, pure, and a spoonful of delicate Baeri caviar. Choice of classic finger sandwiches, which is followed by small beef. Entry of palate cleanser, William pearl granite with rose petal, and the classic scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam, and lemon curd complete the feast. When this afternoon feast comes to an end, then it offers small pastries and chocolates.

What makes this place so special?

If you would like to see this opulent of the luxury world without staying there, then afternoon tea is the ideal way. It has fully packed with well-crafted design and high-class amenities like 30 kinds of Italian marble, IMac, full-sized toiletries in every room. This hotel is the beauty of art that gives many mesmerising reasons to visit. You can seize its beauty with your eyes, inside as well as from outside. This hotel does not have any aspect that makes you regret coming here. It is full of entertainment and art that grabs the soft corner of your heart.

Burj al Arab High Tea

Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai is only open to guests and invitees, booking a high tea or afternoon tea is one of the few ways to appreciate the Burj al Arab hotel inside. Of course, you can also book an overnight stay at the hotel, but the prices for a night in this special hotel start at 2500 dollars for the cheapest room and can go up to well over 40,000 dollars for the presidential suite with 2 floors.

A High Tea at the Burj al Arab hotel is regularly fully scheduled weeks or even months in advance. That is why it is wise to book your high tea early in the Burj al Arab to avoid disappointment. Our partner Ticketbar offers you the opportunity to reserve the high tea in the Burj al Arab hotel directly online. The prices as they appear on this page may be changed in connection with the exchange rate of the dollar relative to the dirham. Always look at the website of the provider for the most popular prices for the high tea in the Burj al Arab.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab

You can choose from three different high teas in the Burj al Arab. Below you can see what is included in the high tea, what the costs per person are, and in which restaurant the high tea is served. Make sure you are on time so that you can already enjoy the special interior of the hotel. With every reservation, you receive a unique reservation number, without this number you will not pass through the check at the beginning by the bridge to the hotel. Tickets for Burj al Arab high tea will be sent to the email address provided within 24 hours.

High tea with children

Would you like to book a high tea Burj al Arab with your children? Please keep in mind that you can only book a high tea in the Sahn Edder restaurant on the 1st floor of the luxury hotel. Because alcohol is served in the Skyview Bar on the top floor of the Burj al Arab, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the Skyview Bar.

Burj al Arab Sky Tea at the Skyview Bar

On the top floor of Burj Al Arab, you will find the Skyview Bar. The Skyview Bar has a beautiful view of the Palm Islands and the islands that together have the shape of the world. This magical High Tea will be a real experience. At Sky Tea, you can choose from a selection of tea, coffee, sandwiches, patisserie, and cakes in combination with delicious homemade jams. The high tea can be book from Saturday to Thursday. The first session of the high tea starts at 1 p.m., the second session starts at 4 p.m., when you book you can indicate which time you prefer.

Burj al Arab Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea is serve at the Sahn Eddar restaurant which is located in the world’s largest atrium on the 1st floor of the hotel. The atrium is a fine space where the luxury of the Burj Al Arab is exhibit. The atrium is decorate with beautiful mosaics, marble floors, fountains, and torches. All this creates a unique atmosphere for guests who want to enjoy relaxing from the traditional Afternoon Tea. The Afternoon Tea in the Sahn Eddar restaurant of the Burj al Arab is serve from 13.00 to 18.00.

Burj al Arab High Tea

Treat yourself to pure luxury and enjoy a traditional high tea at the special Sahn Eddar restaurant in the atrium of the Burj al Arab. The High Tea starts at 7 pm with cocktails, delicious sandwiches, and sweets. The High Tea in the Sahn Eddar restaurant is serve between 7 pm and 8 pm. This restaurant is located in the Burj al Arab on the first floor in the beautiful lobby. The lobby is situate in the largest atrium in the world where you will find beautiful mosaics, marble floors, and torches. It is so fine you really want to see it all.

Dress code for a high tea at the Burj al Arab

If you book a high tea at Burj al Arab, you must comply with the dress code. This means that you can not wear torn jeans, shorts, a shirt without sleeves, translucent clothing, sports or gym shoes or sandals. Women are allow to wear open shoes, but women’s clothing should not be expose. So no short skirts, low necklines, and preferably covered shoulders. Ladies and gentlemen take a look in your wardrobe and find something that is appropriate for your high tea at the Burj al Arab.

Lunch at the Burj al Ara

Would you rather book a lunch at the luxurious Burj al Arab hotel? No problem! Every day you can go to lunch in the luxurious AL Muntaha restaurant at 200 meters above sea level. During the Friday brunch, you can enjoy an international buffet brunch where the finest ingredients from Europe and de Arabian Gulf come together. There are delicacies from the heart of Tuscany, sushi, and sashimi from the oceans. In the kitchen, masterpieces are made especially for this brunch.

Dinner in the Burj al Arab

Al Arab Restaurant is one of the most popular and enigmatic places in Dubai. The majority of activities are offered to their guest, but restaurants are open for all. Having some taste of foods in the restaurants is the easiest way for non-guest to go inside the hotel and experience the luxuriousness. This huge attraction of Dubai has marvelous restaurants that give the real flavor of the fantasy world. You may find it very difficult to admire the beauty of any five-star hotel in the world if you are not a guest of the hotel. This iconic hotel has something special for everyone because, as a non-guest of the hotel, you have opportunities to experience the interior of the Burj Al Arab.


You will have a tasteful experience with such foods, and the serving style is quite impressive and ambiance cozy. The sky views adds more thrill and excitement in your feasting time because the interior is lavish. Burj Al Arab afternoon tea has many varieties for choosing in the based on their taste. You will get excited with each moment that you will spend here because experiencing life in such a way is a dreamy expectation of everyone.


To touch this luxurious hotel with eyes, most of the people prefer Burj Al Arab high tea that known as high tea because the experiencing of taste the tea at the 27th floor is incredible. This hotel will never disappoint anyone in any aspect, whether its interior designing or butler services along with other services.

It has magic of beauty in its outside and inner side. Afternoon tea of Burj Al Arab is a decent and perfect way to seize the beauty of this hotel. Undoubtedly, this iconic hotel is amazing in so many ways, and it has become one of the most visited destinations in Dubai.


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